The Anti-Burnout Club

Nutrition Myth Busting with Anna Mapson

January 15, 2022 Bex Spiller Season 2 Episode 3
The Anti-Burnout Club
Nutrition Myth Busting with Anna Mapson
Show Notes

This week I am joined by Anna Mapson one of the nutritional therapists here at The Anti-Burnout Club, and the founder of Goodness Me Nutrition. Anna specialises in digestive health issues such as IBS, SIBO and reflux, helping people to get back to living life rather than managing symptoms.

In this episode, Anna addresses some of the most common nutrition myths about why January is the worst time for detox, dieting, quick fixes, and how we can keep nutrition simpler for ourselves. I also ask Anna if she could only give ONE piece of nutritional advice, what would it be? I learnt so much from this interview and I hope you do too!


  • Nutrition myths
  • Diet culture
  • How can we eat more healthily?
  • How can we improve our diet?
  • Keeping nutrition simple
  • Sourcing food locally
  • Meal planning
  • Small achievable habits
  • Why quick fixes don’t work
  • Why restrictive diets are unhealthy
  • What should we eat?


For Anna’s 4 part series on Nutrition Myth-Busting Join The Anti-burnout Club here: 


Anna Mapson:

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