The Anti-Burnout Club

How to Get Motivated to Look After Your Wellbeing

March 12, 2022 Bex Spiller Season 2 Episode 7
The Anti-Burnout Club
How to Get Motivated to Look After Your Wellbeing
Show Notes

In last week’s episode I spoke about the barrier of time when it comes to our wellbeing, and this week I want to look at motivation. Why is it so hard to get motivated to look after ourselves even when we know how good it will be for us?

We’re constantly told that moving our bodies, eating better and mindfulness or meditation is SO good for us, so we should be naturally motivated to do it right? Especially when we’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, or when we need self-care most. But actually, for the majority of us, the opposite is true. In this episode, I look at why that might be and what we can do about it.


  • Finding motivation
  • What blocks our motivation?
  • Finding what feels good for you
  • Do what you enjoy!
  • Accountability
  • Building momentum
  • Two-minute trick
  • Adding variety to your day
  • Self-care overwhelm
  • Getting back to basics
  • The Anti-burnout Matrix


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