The Anti-Burnout Club

Finding the Time for Wellbeing in Your Routine

March 04, 2022 Bex Spiller Season 2 Episode 6
The Anti-Burnout Club
Finding the Time for Wellbeing in Your Routine
Show Notes

One of the biggest problems most of us face when it comes to wellbeing is, “When do I have the time?!” I know that for some people, there really is zero extra time in the day to fit in a yoga class or even have 10 minutes of peace and quiet. For others, there is some spare time in the day lurking somewhere, but where is it? 

In the latest podcast episode, I explore how we can go about identifying spaces in our day for wellbeing, picking activities that would make the most difference for where we are now and, how to tie in self-care to other activities that we already do on autopilot. Let me show you that wellbeing doesn’t have to be a chore and that you can turn wellbeing into a habit, even when your mind has other plans!


  • Finding time for wellbeing
  • Looking for space in our routines
  • Daily wellbeing activities
  • Wheel of Life
  • Setting goals to enhance wellbeing
  • Linking wellbeing to auto-pilot activities
  • Swapping out scrolling time on social media
  • Dealing with mental resistance 


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